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Frequently Asked Questions Interior Design Cost

All designers work differently. For us, an initial phone conversation will help us evaluate your project and needs. From there we can plan for an in-person meeting to discuss more details, view the designer’s portfolio, and get specific requests regarding your project. We would discuss our role as your designer and give you a breakdown of how the project would run, and what the different steps and phases would be. After this meeting, a design fee proposal will be sent over for your review.

There are a few ways that we charge. If your project includes redoing a complete room/rooms, or new construction, we work on a fixed fee basis. If your project includes a portion or a room, or misc. design items around the home, we work on an hourly basis. In addition to the design fee, we offer options when it comes to purchasing product and furnishings. In most cases we offer a discount of the retail price of product. You will save money by purchasing your product through Team One Interior Design.

It depends on the level in which you wish to take your project. If you have budget for your project, we take that into consideration when preparing the scope of work and the design fee for your project. Ultimately the final cost for your project is up to you. You set a budget and it is our job to maximize your project within budget.

Before beginning work, we take a design fee retainer, that is applied to your general design fee. We then work with you on any fact finding (preferred design styles, requirements for each space, we photograph the space, and measure if necessary. Next, an initial design presentation is prepared and presented for approval, showing you our initial drawings, material selections, and concepts. After that we work with you on narrowing down the final selections, pricing, and making the design a reality. We make the process simple and enjoyable. Our client’s main job is to say “yes” or “no”

Our typical project is in Abu Dhabi. We do take on out of country projects on a case by case basis.

Our project products come from a variety of sources. The furniture supplier’s pf UAE are a great resource to designers. We also use local stores, showrooms, and retail locations, as well as online and catalog retailers. If our clients have sources that they prefer to work with, we are more than happy to do so. We also work with local custom upholstery and drapery workrooms as well.

Not at all. We will work with your contractor, or tradespeople. We are more than happy to refer you to those who can help as well. You will not pay us for construction related labor, that is between you and your contractor. We will act as a liaison between you and the contractor.

No, you do not. You are welcome to make any purchases on your own. Most clients do purchase through us, because of the discount we pass along. Typically, if Team One Interior Design can save you money, we will purchase for you.

Interior decorators typically focus on the decorative elements of a home, such as: paint color, furniture, décor, window treatments, bedding etc. Interior designers do this, and more. Designers typically have formal program training. An interior designer should have knowledge of interior architecture principals, drafting skills, general building code guidelines and more. Team One Interior Design is qualified to handle both your decoration and architectural design needs.

Our team consists of talented, committed Architects, Interior designers, Artists, Engineers & field supervisors. We develop close working partnerships with our clients. We remain involved with them throughout the project. We follow a systematic work pattern that’s flexible and incorporates latest techniques.

This will vary from project to project. A typical coffee shop remodel may take approximately 3 months to design and build. A restaurant remodel may take a month to design, and 2 months to receive and install all product and furniture. If you are remodeling your shop, the process may take only a month from start to finish. A custom shop design from start to finish may take 3 months to layout and plan the details. Much of this depends on your builder, and your comfort with making decisions in a timely manner.

The portfolio page on this site has a good sampling of our commercial design work. Feel free to contact us to see more images of other specific projects that may be closely related to yours.

We don’t have a “style” that we stick to. Our client’s preferences, the design of the shop, and budget will dictate the interior’s style direction. We always avoid overdone styles and find ways to bring out our client’s requirement in a fresh way in each space.

Café Interior design cost start from AD 3000, Its include space planning, equipment design and 3d views

Interior design cost

Interior design charges per  meter is AED 50, including space plan, 3d views.

Rate varies if the area is above 100 sqm

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