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Here is a summary of the price list given in the table above. Interior design cost Abu Dhabi charges 25-50 Dirham per square meter for the interior design services. We also offer a good discount for large scale projects. In order to calculate the cost of interior design you only need to select the size category of your space and multiply the size by the appropriate charge.

INTERIOR DESIGN Cost Abu Dhabi Process


What makes interior  design cost Abu Dhabi so great is the ability to visualize the design from the start, and make the necessary changes. Our interior design consultation phase is about getting to know your style and what you want in your design.


Our interior design team plans out the design using the notes from our consultation phase. The dOne Interior Designs discuss what we have learned and how we can execute a design plan that fits perfectly with you.


After the consulting and preparation stages, a custom interior design plan has been developed for out team to work. Using our virtual design platform we’ll build a fresh, clean, and classically beautiful design for your space.

Interior design companies Abu Dhabi- Projects


Interiors are ready to welcome you into new place. Our organized process means that we discuss the specifics ahead of time, streamlining the creative side with a step-by-step approach that ensures the idea is delivered without excuses. You will appreciate how everything comes together, rather than worrying about making a mistake or guessing your decisions in the second place. We work for you, your design and your budget hand in hand. Contact us today to commence a consultation on interior design!

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Interior Design Abu Dhabi provide free Advice on Interior Design. This is an accessible, customized option to work with an interior designer. Collaborate with one of our talented, experienced designers by sharing your inspiration for style snd space.

Our designers will concentrate on a dream floor plan with or without your current furniture and layouts. They also provide a detailed board of concept. Once you have approved your own Time Design and Quantity Bill will take care of executing project.

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